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10 places we always forget to clean at home

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While we clean at home, there are always some places which we fail to clean.

Sometimes we do not notice them, sometimes we think that they just do not really need cleaning. The fact is, however, that germs and microbes are everywhere, so here is a list of places and objects that you might want to pay more attention to:

1. Doorknobs

When it comes to think about it, the doorknob is the first thing you put your hands on when you are coming back home.

This means that all the dirt from the outside is now spread on the doorknob and will be spread back to you when you touch it again, unless you clean it before that.

2. On top of the air conditioner

In the hot months during the summer the air conditioner is our best friend. It is not the same though when we are speaking about bacteria and germs. Usually the air conditioner is installed on a high position on the walls, so it can be very hard to reach.


3. On top of the cupboards/wardrobes

The same thing as the air conditioner situation here – we cannot see the dirt, thus we tend to ignore it. Moreover, as these areas are hard to reach, we usually neglect them while doing the general clean at home.


4. Under the beds / sofas

All the dust from our carpets usually goes there, so we should do a really good hoover at these places.


5. On top of the lamps

While we are cleaning, the dust usually goes up and lands on top of the lamps, so it is good to wipe these surfaces often enough.


6. Under the cushions/seats of the sofa

When we enjoy our pop corn while watching a movie on the sofa in the lounge, we usually do not notice how much of it actually falls off the bowl. And it is not only pop corn we use to snack while watching TV, is it?


7. Behind the radiators

When we open our windows, a lot of dirt and dust comes in from the outside. Behind the radiators is usually the place it lands.


8. On top / under the books on the bookshelves

We do want to have plenty of books to read, but how often to we really read them? It is good to take them off the shelves at least once a month and clean under and on top of them.


9. Under the sink

Under the sink it can get very moist, which can lead to the formation of mold and mildew. That is why it is important to clean these areas with bleach often enough to prevent this from happening.


10. Behind the toilet

Behind the toilet is one of those places which are very hard to reach, so usually gets ignored. However, this is one of the places where most of the bacteria lives.


Living in a safe and clean home depends only on ourselves! Provide your children with a healthy environment by cleaning your house to a high standard every time.

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July 21, 2012 at 11:31 am
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