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How to Live Peacefully When Sharing a Dorm Room?

how-to-live-peacefully-when-sharing-a-dorm-roomWell, the big day has already come and you are impatient to leave the boring city and move to your college town. You have heard about the endless parties and you are looking forward to being on your own. You can get up whenever you want, you can skip classes if you wish to, you can go to the university right after a party – party every day all day! If that’s everything you have been dreaming about over the past months, you would undoubtedly have your dream come true. However, at one point you will realise that there are more important things than being the most regular client of the local pubs and night clubs. Until you get sick and tired of the abundant nightlife, you will enjoy your new life to the fullest. Don`t be misled – college life is not just about parties. It helps you develop social skills that will be extremely helpful at a later stage in life. You meet a bunch of new people, you learn new stuff, you become more tolerant towards those who don’t share your opinion, do not wear fashionable clothes or consider parties a total waste of time. In this respect, you have one important mission to accomplish. You have to get along well with your roommates and try to keep the unnecessary arguments to the minimum. Here are some guidelines you can follow: (more…)

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13 Uses of Sugar You Totally Didn’t Think Of!

13 Uses of Sugar You Totally Didn’t Think Of!Sugar, or ‘white gold’ as British colonists used to call it, has more applications than you assume. However, when once upon a time sugar was considered precious and was making its way from ancient China, nowadays, it is available in every home sitting in a large bags in the pantry. Do you know that beside from putting it in your morning coffee or apple pie you can also use it to heal wounds or around the garden? Probably not! Check the unusual uses of sugar we suggested and try them out! (more…)

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10 Brilliant Uses of Baby Powder That Prove It Is Not Just for Babies

10 Brilliant Uses of Baby Powder That Prove It Is Not Just for BabiesYou have probably heard of the fact that baby powder has some amazing uses around the house. In this article you will find out 10 of them – we collected the most useful ones you can take advantage of. You can replace many products that are costly and switch them for baby powder. Its uses range from making your pet smell fresh to getting rid of a nasty grease stain. Read on and check our suggestions out: (more…)

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How to Balance between Work and Family?

How to Balance between Work and Family-According to the majority of people, balancing between your private life and business affairs is extremely difficult. In most cases, you have to choose between ensuring a good living standard of your family by working long hours or spending some quality time with them during the weekends. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Workaholics are often blamed for missing family gatherings and recitals of their kids. On the other hand, the lack of money is often the reason for bitter arguments. If you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, here are some ideas that can help you remedy the situation. (more…)

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Benefits of using green cleaning products

Benefits of using green cleaning productsNowadays, more and more people consider the option of using green cleaning products even if they used to clean the house with commercial cleaning supplies their whole life. In point of fact, manufacturers of powerful commercial cleaners are constantly trying to catch up with the eco-friendly trends and invest huge amounts of money in advertising campaigns promising outstanding results as soon as you apply the detergent. Well, in most cases the advertisements do not cast light on the ingredients a particular cleaning product contains. However, do you think that something harmless to the nature would be able to lift tough grease or burnt food in less than a minute? The truth is that the more powerful a certain detergent is, the more toxic particles it is likely to contain. The eco-friendly cleaning is becoming widespread due to the following reasons: (more…)

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Read this before you design your living room!

Read this before you design your living roomIf you have just finished your repairs or you have bought a new home, you will need to design your living room. Every housekeeper want to have stylish and cozy home. However, this mission is not very easy to achieve. First of all, you have to decide what you plan to do in this room, then you will decide on the final appearance. In the lines below, you will find some important furniture recommendations and other guidelines. Don’t hesitate to follow them strictly and you will achieve wonderful final results: (more…)

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Clean your messy fridge now – step-by-step!

Clean your messy fridge now – step-by-stepMany people tend to overlook their refrigerators when it comes to cleaning. However, fridges are in a constant use. It is misunderstood that because food is kept cold and rotated through, the fridge is a relatively clean area. The ugly truth is that you can’t actually notice all the splashes and spills there, not speaking of germs and bacteria that take advantage of the suitable conditions. The grimy environment in there is a combination of food, moisture, frequent use and dirty hands. Now you can imagine what a health hazard is to have a messy fridge at home. To make things sound even worse, you should know that your sloppy fridge also cost you money.  How many times have you thrown food away because you forgot it in there for several days? It seems that some leftovers always hide behind the milk. So, what do you think, are you going to consider adding the fridge in your cleaning list? If you are positive, read on and see how to do it the right way. (more…)

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Wonderful Spring decor ideas for your home

Wonderful Spring decor ideas for your homeIf you try to visualize one Spring landscape, you will definitely imagine beautiful and peaceful picture. Perhaps you really want this vitality and freshness to be around you every day. Nobody will deny, that Spring is an incarnation of the new life growing. People usually connect this season with sunny fields and fresh green grass, just like the Tom Jones’ “green, green grass of home”. The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. In order to bring this exciting sensation in your home and to identify yourself with the rebirth of Mother Nature, you just need to follow our magnificent Spring decor ideas. No matter that astronomical Spring officially comes on March 22, at home it occurs earlier – with the first warm and sunny days. Almost all housewives want to create a cozy atmosphere in unison with this refreshing season. So, don’t hesitate to make your home ready for Spring. With our pieces of advice, this mission will be neither time-consuming, nor expensive:      (more…)

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10 simple methods to clean silver at home

10 simple methods to clean silver at homeUndoubtedly, you want to keep your silver cutlery and jewellery always in an impeccable condition. Over time, they may lose their shine and even to blacken. That is called ‘tarnish’ and is caused by a reaction between the air and the silver. Cosmetics, oils from skin, perfumes, hand cream, hair spray, and food – all of them may also be the reason for that unpleasant result. Although most silver accessories are usually protected with a very thin coat of rhodium, there is still a risk for them to become black.

Fortunately, there are some cheap and easy methods which can help you deal with tarnish as well as polish and clean your silver belongings. Check out our useful pieces of advice: (more…)

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How To Unblock A Toilet

ways to unblock toiletA blocked toilet is one of the most common and at the same time the most unpleasant issues anyone can face up to. There are so many things that can cause a toilet blockage. Many people throw inedible food in the toilet bowl, kids drop a toy, etc. In order to deal with the blockage, it is not necessary to immediately call a plumber. You can deal with the problem provided that you have some free time and the necessary material. Below, you will find a few methods you can try before you hire a specialist: (more…)

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